If you’ve met a Suvalle, you’ve more than likely met one of the people pictured above or within the confines of this website...because we kind of invented the name at the turn of the last century and as far as we know we’re the only ones in the world using it.  If you’re from the Boston area and you’ve heard of David Suvalle’s Plumbing & Heating, that used to be us.  If you’ve heard of Friedman, Suvalle & Salomon PC, that’s still us.  If you’ve heard of Suvalle, Jodrey & Associates, that’s not us, and as far as we know there’s no Suvalle that works there nor has one ever worked there, but apparently they like our name as much as we do.

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Left: a whole bunch of Suvalles at the 2006 Vegas Reunion. Top Center: Arden Suvalle. Bottom Center: Joey Suvalle.  Top Right: Sydney Beliveau. Bottom Right: Alexandria Suvalle

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